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Simple, fast, clever

Nothing like your traditional bank account.

Welcome to the neo age.

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Transactional Banking that doesn't discriminate
With us ALL clients are purple level

We don't give you a different colour card and functionality based on your monthly income. 

Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png

Send & Receive money Instantly 

You can even get cheeky and attach GIF's and messages to your transfers

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Receive Money.png

Add all your loyalty accounts in one place
The account that optimises your rewards

Centrally manage all the latest and greatest loyalty offers together with your transactional account.


Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png
W Rewards Card.png
PNP Smart Shopper Card.png
Checkers xtra savings card.png
TFG Card.png
Clicks Clubcard.png
Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png
Budgeting .png

Never overspend again
The account that teaches you how to budget.

Most institutions want you to spend more. We want you to spend responsibly to help you build wealth. 

Split bill.png

Split bills
with friends and family.

however you like. It's as simple as a a couple of taps. 

Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png

Run your stokvel digitally
in only a couple of taps

Manage contributions, savings, withdrawals, payments and all the other admin without any of the burdensome costs

Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png
Stokvel Group Vault Light Icon_edited.png
Xhuma Travel Assistant.png

AI Travel Assistant
We're constantly thinking out of the box to help you plan the perfect trip

Book flights, accommodation, tours, airport shuttles and more by just having a chat with the Xhuma AI travel assistant. It's never been this easy to plan your perfect trip

Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png

Automate your savings
with recurring payments and custom accounts for every need

Savings Vault.png

Automate how you send money
home each month

Recurring Transfer Icon_edited.png

To your everyday problems.

Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png

Create task/chore lists
And pay with FaceID when you're happy that they're done

Task List.png

Teach your kids
budgeting & money skills from a young age

Budgeting Screen Dark.png

For your Xhuma card.

Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png
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