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Set your financial goals.

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Achieve them faster

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Whether big or small, achieve your goals with family and friends

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Set your financial goals.

Round up spare change, set a recurring transfer or stash your cash wherever you like

Group Vault

Run your stokvel, digitally.

Contributions, payments, admin in only a couple of taps.

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Set goals together

Open a group vault with family or friends to save for your next vacation or even house deposit

Keep your eyes on the prize

Create vaults that work for you with deadlines and goals to ensure you have money when you need it

Vault goals
Save now Buy later.png

Save now, buy later

Reach your financial goals while saving for the products you want

Let's do the admin heavy lifting when you save for an aspirational product

Want the latest iPhone or iPad? Use the product tag function in a custom savings vault to help you set the correct target 

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