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Students & Scholars

Teach kids money skills for life.

Help them develop healthy money habits.

Youngsters learn best through experience

With Xhuma’s help, things like saving up their allowances and learning to budget will be child’s play

SpendSense Budgeting Asset.png
Students scholars 3d.png
Xhuma Card Sept 2021.png
Virtual Xhuma Card.png

Uniquely designed cards for youngsters

We put the card number on the back to protect your youngster’s privacy

Digitize their piggy bank & schedule their allowances

Take cash out of their hands and automate the scheduling of your child’s allowance payments

Van schaik.png
Purple coin 1.png
Purple Coin 2.png
iStore rewards.png

The best educational discounts for your bulk spending

Purchase your textbooks through Van Schaik or your devices through iStore with some amazing cashback discounts.

Create chore/task lists for your kids

Create your own intuitive task lists for your kids and instantly pay them once they've marked them as completed

Task List vault.png
iPhone Target Vault.png

Help them create custom savings vaults for each of their targets

Does your child want the latest iPhone but you want to teach them money doesn't grow on trees? Use the product tag function in a custom savings vault to help them reach their goals

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