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PeerPay™, GroupPay™ & CodePay™

Send & Receive.

Hassle free

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Save valuable seconds, when sending money with Xhuma


Track & settle multiple expenses GroupPay™

Select your friends and group expenses and split it in only a couple taps.

Customisable instant money send or request with PeerPay™

Send and request money from your Xhuma friends in only a couple taps. Schedule and set up recurring requests and sends.

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Split bills instantly with your friends

From your dinner to an Uber, tell us who to split it with and we'll do the maths. No calculator needed.

Request money with a tap

Get paid in seconds. Best part is no awkward conversations. Personalise your request with a GIF.

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Share, scan and pay instantly with CodePay™

Whether you have your own small business or simply want to get funds from another Xhuma user, CodePay™ enables it in 2 taps.

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Send money to local bank accounts

Transfer money without a hassle at a fraction of the cost.

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