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Learn from Michelle.

15. Astronaut

This is how she gets her kids to do their chores

using Xhuma

What she does

Michelle has two daughters and they both have a list of chores they have to complete each week. She always struggled to get them to do their chores but then heard about the task list vault capability on Xhuma.

She then decided to open a task list vault for each of her daughters and she decided to incentivise them with a top up to their allowance each time they completed their chores. Loading the tasks took 20 seconds on Xhuma.


Now every time the chores are complete, she simply approves each and her daughters get a top up to their allowances. Xhuma changed the way they do allowances in the Smith household.

Xhuma App Chore List

How she set it up on Xhuma

She started off by going to the Vaults tab and tapping on Create Vault. She then selected the Task List Vault option and Xhuma took her through all the steps to incentivise each of her daughters. Awesome!

Xhuma App Task List

What you can learn from Michelle

  • Incentivise your kids with top ups to their allowances on Xhuma

  • Open a Xhuma account for each of your kids to teach them healthy money skills, including budgeting

  • Get your kids to qualify for industry leading discounts when purchasing certain educational items

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