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Learn from Petrus.

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This is how he links all his loyalty cards 

using Xhuma

What he does

Every time Petrus visited a store he forgot his wallet at home. Even though he had loyalty cards at most of the stores, he never swiped/scanned them - which meant that he lost out on all the rewards and savings each time.

Then he discovered the awesome loyalty card link functionality on Xhuma. It allows him to link each of his loyalty cards to his Xhuma account to ensure he always qualifies for the best savings wherever he goes to shop as he always has his digital cards on hand. 

Rewards Screen.png

How he adds it on Xhuma

He simply goes to the rewards tab and clicks on + under loyalty to add all his cards. Simple as that...

Rewards Screen.png

What you can learn from Petrus

  • Having your loyalty cards with you digitally is as simple as a couple of taps on Xhuma

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