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Learn from Johan.

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This is how he sends money with cheeky messages

using Xhuma

What he does

Johan was constantly frustrated with sending EFT's to his friends at other banks. Such a boring process and it takes forever to clear. 

That's why he started using Xhuma as it allows him to instantly receive/send money without all the irritations of his old bank account.


He also figured out that he could attach cheeky messages and GIF's every time he sent or requested money. That's awesome...

Send receive Money.png

How he sets it up on Xhuma

He went into the Payments Screen tapped on Send Money/Request Money. And Xhuma took him through the different steps to send money with messages instantly. Sure Sicelo appreciated the instant money receipt! 

Payments Screen Split Bill.png

What you can learn from Johan

  • You can send and receive money instantly using Xhuma

  • Go crazy with your messages and GIF's when sending/receiving money.

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