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Learn from Themba.

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This is how he saves for the latest iPhone

using Xhuma

What he does

Themba loves buying the latest iPhone every year. For this he saves every month to be able to buy the phone in cash every year.


He found that by creating a Savings Vault he could tag iPhone as a product he wants to buy and then use a couple of innovative methods to save towards this goal. One of these is using Spare Change Round Up. When he activated these , Xhuma rounds up the change on the transaction and puts it toward his savings goal. He even puts on a multiplier to make his cents work for him. 


He also uses recurring transfers to transfer money each month off his salary towards this goal. Best of all Xhuma shows him how he is progressing towards his goal and whether he is on track. 

Savings Vault.png

How he sets it up on Xhuma

He went into the Vaults tab tapped on Create Vault --> Savings Vault. And Xhuma took him through the different steps to set up his goal. This included activating spare change and recurring transfers.

iPhone Savings.png
Spare Change.png

What you can learn from Themba

  • When you are saving towards multiple goals, create a unique savings vault for each and track your progress easily

  • Use innovative tools like spare change round up and recurring transfers to reach your savings goals. 

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