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Learn from Vukosi.

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This is how he sends money home

using Xhuma

What he does each month

Vukosi is an awesome example of someone who cares for many of his loved ones and family back at home. Because of this he sets aside money each month with a recurring transfer into a Personal Vault called Loved Ones. 

He limits his sharing home each month to the amount of this recurring transfer. On the 1st of each month he withdraws money from the Loves Ones Vault and instant money sends it to his loved ones on Xhuma. 

He has also created a Stokvel account called a Group Vault and invited his loved ones into it where they save for communal goals. This he does on top of the money he sends home every month through Xhuma. 


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How he sets it up on Xhuma

He went into the Vaults tab and clicked on Create vault to set up each of the Vaults. To set up a Stokvel create a Group Vault and for any other of your individual goals use a Personal Vault. Xhuma takes him through the steps where he sets his recurring transfer for each month when he receives his salary for both the Stokvel Vault (Group) and the Loved Ones Vault (Personal). He doesn't have to intervene at all as the payments are just done for him like magic.

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What you can learn from Vukosi

  • Use the recurring transfer together with personal vaults if you want to set aside money to send home each month.

  • If you want to create a Stokvel simply open a Group Vault and give it a name like Stokvel.

  • Both of these can be set up by clicking on the Vaults tab and clicking on Create Vault 

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