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Learn from Monique.

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This is how she splits bills with her friends

using Xhuma

What she does

Monique discovered that each time she was having lunch/dinner with friends and the bill came, it was always a struggle to settle the bill. She now uses Xhuma to split a bill with her friends in a couple of clicks. 

When the bill comes she takes out her Xhuma card, makes the payment and splits the bill by tapping on Split bill in the app. Xhuma does the auto-allocation and she can edit each person's contribution before sending a payment request to everyone. A couple of FaceID's later and the bill has been settled. Amazing...

Bill Split.png

How she sets it up on Xhuma

She went into the payments screen and tapped on Split bill. And Xhuma took her through the different steps to split the bill. She also had the option to click on the individual transaction and simply clicking on Split Bill to start the process.

Payments Screen Split Bill.png

What you can learn from Monique

  • Splitting bills is easy when you have a Xhuma Account. Simple as a couple of taps.

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